Our Price ranges:

Weekly from £2,450 + VAT (£2,940)

2 night w
eekend from £700 + VAT (£840)

3 night weekend from £1,050 + VAT (£1,260)

Midweek per night
from £350 + VAT (£420)

Please note that these prices are minimum charges for up to 35 people. If you wish to book a larger group this will be charged at £10 plus vat per additional person.

Upon booking your stay here at Bachelor's Hall it is required that you put down a 25% deposit. Example: for 1 night at (£350 plus vat = £420 ) the deposit will be £105 inc vat

The hall is self catering, and as well as this you will need to bring your own: bedding, pillows, linen and towels, as these will not be provided.

Students rock climbing
Students outside the hall